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Due to covid-19 live performance storytelling at the Town Hall will not be taking place.

That doesn't mean missing out on monthly trips into the land of story.

Friday 9th October 2020


An evening with...

Kasper Sørensen

While my heart holds its breath

I consider myself to be a modern storyteller, a shapeshifter with a tail of tales, taste for fairies tales and a big love for the contemporary storytelling.

Once I was an innocent kid, and then someone told me a story. Lost, I was, and ever since then, I wanted to be a teller myself.

I had many fortunes in my life, touring the world, sharing my stories, perhaps the biggest to host the Best Tellers stage in Copenhagen, where storytelling thrives.

Fred Versonnen

'Fathers, Flanders and Folktales'

We share forefathers and folklore - Flanders and Britain have more in common that you might think. Personal and traditional tales criss-cross like the patterns of connections between our countries.

My full name is Freddy Leopold Julien Versonnen.

Fred comes from a famous Flamish cyclist in the fifthies: Fredje De Bruyne. Leopold is the name of my grandfather and godfather: Leopold Versonnen. He was the 7th son, so the king was according to Belgian custom his godfather. And that was the cruel genocide king: Leopold II Julien comes from Juliana: My grandmother; she was an orphan who never in her life met her only sister. There was only a picture on the wall and an untold story. As a kid we (I have three brothers) listened to the stories told by grandfathers, uncles, and my father: Old family tales, anecdotes and a lot of war stories. There it began! In the sixties and seventies we watched movies on the tele: Errol Flynn stuff was our favourite. Afterwards I gathered with some friends somewhere in the hamlet. And what did we do? Retelling the movie, reliving the narratives and the emotions.

That’s how I became a teller of stories.

Also featuring NEW VOICE Kestrel Morton

Kestrel Morton is a queer, non binary-gendered storyteller, poet, and artist, living near the sea in the Vale of Glamorgan. They tell tales that blend traditional legends with new myths woven for the challenges of the world we face today; climate change and ecological collapse, wealth inequality, homelessness, mental health epidemics, rewilding and access to land.

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