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Due to covid-19 live performance storytelling at the Town Hall will not be taking place.

That doesn't mean missing out on monthly trips into the land of story.

Friday 6th November 2020


Devils n Saints - Shropshire folktales for a winters night.

Sal Tonge

Sal Tonge lives in Stiperstones, South Shropshire beneath the Devils chair.

Tonight she will tell tales firmly located in this evocative landscape where she runs, raises sons and and a grandson and connects with the world as best she can with stories and songs

Suzanne and Jake Thomas

Suzanne and Jake Thomas tell some of their favourite tales from the Shropshire Hills, and debut songs from their Arts Council funded project "Where Dragons Lead" - inspired by the landscape around them.

Also featuring NEW VOICE Chandrika Joshi

You can get your ticket to join us online from the link below


We will be keeping you up to date on future events here.