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Due to covid-19 live performance storytelling at the Town Hall will not be taking place.

That doesn't mean missing out on monthly trips into the land of story.

Friday 11th December 2020


Dea Reckoning

Xanthe Gresham

For our ancestors, the rising of the sun, the returning of the moon and the birth of spring were all magical. Goddesses gave a human shape to these wonders – Mayahuel means ‘maguey plant’, Inanna, ‘sky woman,’ Parvati, ‘of the mountains’ and Aphrodite ‘foam of the wave.’All over the world people danced, sang and acted out their goddesses’ stories to persuade nature to keep on doing her thing.

As each country, culture and human being are different, so is each goddess. But they tend to love, represent and symbolise the same things: earth, air, fire, water, snakes and birds to name a few. These symbols overlap, linking the tales of goddesses and heroines in a continuous chain from one generation to the next.

‘Dea Reckoning’ is an oracle inspired show based on 13 goddesses and heroines for the 13 months of the lunar year. The audience will sculpt the direction of the performance by choosing which deities will grace the stage.

‘Gresham unfolds each story like the petals of a lotus. At the end you leave with something beautiful created in your own mind.’ British Theatre Review.

Also featuring NEW VOICE Ceri John Phillips

Ceri John Phillips is a storyteller, actor and writer living in Llandeilo, Sir Gâr.

Having worked in the media for over 15 years, he has decided to follow his true passion – telling stories. With a focus on Welsh Folk Tales, the Mabinogion and the macabre, Ceri hopes he can bring his passion for the ancient oral tradition of Wales to as wide an audience as possible.

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