Dates for Series 5, 2019-2020

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Friday 20th September 2019
Branwen: Michael Harvey & Pauline Down

One of the greatest myths of Celtic mythology, this ancient Welsh story has an intimate relationship with the landscape where it is set as well as the landscape of the human soul.

It is a story of magical transformation, extreme characters, wildness, fury and longing. The story has a different shape to it than many other stories and is rooted in a deep dream logic that still talks to us directly many centuries after its composition.

This version is performed with the singer and composer Pauline Down and was premiered at the 2017 Festival at the Edge, where it was given a standing ovation and then Harlech castle (where parts of the story are set) with Beyond the Border.

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Friday 11th October
Locks Open: Sheila Arnold

Sheila Arnold tells ‘Locks Open’, to celebrate Black History Month!

What would you do for freedom?

The extraordinary story of a conductor on the Underground Railway and the adventures of the men and women escaping the clutches of slavery, told by Sheila Arnold, master storyteller from the United States.

Discover the true stories of some of the people who used the waterways in their flight to freedom. Taken from the book by William Still, a conductor of the Pennsylvania Underground Railroad, the show will introduce you to Harriet Tubman, “Boxcar” Brown and Ellen Craft and many others, the hardships they faced and the sacrifices they made.

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Friday 8th November 2019
Shropshire Tellers Night

Brave heroes, ghostly happenings, misunderstandings and mishaps, saints and witches – discover the rich diversity of Shropshire’s folk lore with

Val Littlehales,
Terry Tandler
Suzanne and Jake Tumnus

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Friday 13th December 2019
Midwinter Miracles from Medieval Times: Dave Tonge

Come one, come all and join Dave Tonge on a journey back to a time when fairies haunted bower and barn, dragons slept soundly in their caves and many a king’s court was visited by mystery and magic at Christmastide.

For many midwinter is a time when wise folk keep to hearth and home, but this night you will hear tell of three ancient warriors of long ago who each undertook a perilous journey.

Of three knights who weathered Mother Winter’s wicked winds in order to pursue their quests.

Dave Tonge Storyteller

Dave is a jobbing teller of tales, an itinerant journeyman who performs at museums, heritage sites and schools, from Lindisfarne Holy Island in the north to Arundel Castle in the south.

He works regularly for English Heritage and national museums like the Ashmolean and has written three books, ‘Tudor Tales,’ ‘Norfolk Folk Tales for Children’ and ‘Medieval Tales for Children.’ He is gleeman - storyteller in residence to the Stonemason Guild in Norwich and specialises in costumed historical storytelling of period rich and often irreverent tales shared by the poorer folk long ago.

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Friday 10th January 2020
From Ear To There: Amy Douglas

The unusual combination of a story-loving teenager and a cantankerous Scottish Traveller.

Reminiscences of learning to drive, make pegs and drink special brew alongside an ever-present flow of story, song and history.

Amy Douglas remembers her storytelling apprenticeship with Duncan Williamson.

Travelling together

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Friday 14th February 2020
The Hallows Queen: Cath Little

A re-imagining of an early British Grail myth from the Mabinogion.

Peredur sets out on a quest to find out who he is. There are guides to help him on his way: a loving mother, Arthur’s armoured knights, warrior witches, a very angry girl and the Hallows Queen herself.

But Peredur is the fool of the world. When he meets suffering will he know how to ask the healing question?

What are the Hallows? What are our treasures and how do we keep them safe? This is a story for now.

Cardiff Storyteller and Singer Cath Little has “rough magic” in her voice, and in her words “the gift of the story shines through.”

She has a strong sense that stories have the power to connect us to one another, to the land and to the people who once lived here.

picture by David Balad

photo by Amanda Smith

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Friday 13th March 2020
The Hero Light: Dominic Kelly



In these places live two best friends: Ireland’s most fearless and most feared young warriors. But Ulster and Connaught don’t like each other at all: huge forces are working to bring the two friends’ worlds crashing against each other…

The Hero Light retells the extraordinary tales of the Ulster Cycle – the ‘Irish Iliad’.

Centered on legendary hero Cú Chulainn, the Hound, it weaves together stories of loyalty, love and betrayal that are still startlingly relevant today.

Dominic Kelly balances irreverent humour & beautiful imagery with a powerful rendition of a deeply affecting tale. In The Hero Light he brings an ancient epic to fizzing contemporary life.

Dominic’s dynamic, compelling storytelling style has captivated audiences in fifteen countries on three continents. UK venues include the Barbican, National Theatre and British Museum. He directs storytelling & music performances for Norway’s national Riksscenen stage, and is a member of Stockholm-based company Fabula Storytelling.